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We are strenghtening cooperation with Czech Technical University

We are strenghtening cooperation with Czech Technical University

18. 02. 2015
One of the most pressing problems, and one found not only in the Czech Republic, is the lack of students who would like to study technical subjects.

Many leading companies have difficulties in finding technically educated people. At GE, we recognize this issue and try to interest and educate students on technical careers. From our own experience we know that linking theory with practice, in our case the connection between innovative production at GE Aviation and technical universities, works best. Therefore today, GE Aviation Czech and the Czech Technical University (CVUT) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which aims primarily to strengthen joint research and development projects, to support the education of students during their study visits to GE, and to provide an expert background for teaching. The long-term objective is the effort to establish a joint research, development and experimental department where students and teachers from CVUT could cooperate closely with GE experts on innovative projects, particularly those designed to enhance the competitiveness of existing and future generation of aircraft engine models. By signing this Memorandum we will build on successful partnership plans from the past, plans of cooperation in the field of applied research. In GE, we specifically support the education of students in technical fields, particularly via our mentoring program, which has been running for several years now. Our employees know how important it is for students of technically oriented universities to have the opportunity to become familiar with the practice during their studies. Therefore, our experts share their experiences with CVUT students, and try to motivate and teach them how to think creatively. Students can really see how something technically demanding, such as an H80 turboprop engine, is developed and produced using cutting-edge innovative technologies. Students have the opportunity to become familiar with the way we work and how an international company operates. They see how innovation happens, how cooperation and communication with teams abroad work and how to connect theory with practice. Today’s memorandum also declares our readiness to participate in the defining and guaranteeing of diploma theses and dissertations that solve current problems in the highly sophisticated environment of turboprop technology. The big advantage for successful students is that they might be able to start their careers at GE Aviation. Over the past two years, nine former successful trainees have become employees and we hope to see that number increase. The more qualified and experienced students we get, the more professional of an employee they will become and the more successful our company and the entire industry will be.. We are pleased that all of us at GE Aviation can contribute to the increase the interest in technical education by having a closer connection with CVUT. It will thus ensure the continuity of the Czech aviation industry, an industry with a 100-years-plus tradition.