New Service Bulletin Issue:

02. 08. 2011
New Service Bulletin concerning "The replacement of the Shut-off valve seal support assembly of the Fuel Control Unit LUN 6590.03-8, LUN 6590.04-8, LUN 6590.05-8 and LUN 6590.06-8" was published. Please logon to the Clients-Zone and refer to sections "Bulletins" & "Service Bulletins" to download and print this bulletin according your M601 Turboprop Engine version. No: M601D/35 M601D-1/25 M601D-2/12 M601D-11/11 M601D-11NZ/12 M601E/51 M601E-11/22 M601E-11A/10 M601E-11AS/10 M601E-11S/10 M601E-21/19 M601F/19 M601FS/7 M601F-21/9 M601F-22/20 M601F-32/18 M601T/19 M601-Z/24