Aircraft Industries Purchases GE's M601 and H80 Engines for L410 Aircraft

07. 02. 2011
EVENDALE, OHIO – February 7, 2011 - Aircraft Industries, a Czech-based aircraft manufacturer, signed a five-year sales agreement with GE Aviation for the purchase of M601 and H80 engines. The engine agreement is for the L410-UVP-E20 aircraft, a twin-engine commuter aircraft, with annual production of 10+ units.

GE is proud to enter into this strategic partnership with Aircraft Industries, our first H80 engine agreement for the commuter segment,” said Paul Theofan, president and managing executive of GE Aviation's Business and General Aviation Turboprops. “Currently, the majority of L410 aircraft are flying in Russia, South America, and Africa, and we’re looking forward to growing the fleet in other regions with the GE H80-powered L410.

The H80 engine features significantly advanced hot-day takeoff performance and high-altitude cruise speeds, which will enable the L410 to operate in additional locations.

Aircraft Industries plans to complete GE H80-powered L410 aircraft certification by mid-2012. Once introduced, the company will also offer an H80 engine replacement on already produced aicraft powered by M601 engines. The L410 aircraft first entered service in 1969, More than 1,100 units have been produced, and there are more than 450 aircraft in service today.

Aircraft Industries, located in Kunovice, Czech Republic, and formerly known as LET Kunovice, specializes in the production of L410 aircraft. The company’s history dates back to the 1930’s, when it was founded as an aircraft repair shop, and all types of aircraft were repaired there after World War II. LET built a new plant in Kunovice in the 1950’s and designed its first general aviation category aircraft in 1957. Since then, Aircraft Industries has had a successful history in the manufacturing of crop spraying, jet training and glider aircraft, and of course, commuter aircraft, in which they now specialize.

GE Aviation's Business & General Aviation Turboprops has more than 1,600 M601 engines in service that have accumulated more than 17 million flight hours on 30 applications. The H80 engine continues flight testing on the Thrush 510G aircraft. It is undergoing certification testing and will power business and general aviation, utility and agriculture aircraft. The H80 engine combines the elegant, robust design of the M601 engine with GE's 3-D aerodynamic design techniques and advanced materials to create a more powerful, fuel-efficient, durable engine compared with the M601 engine, with no recurrent fuel nozzle inspections and no hot section inspection. The H80 engine will also feature an extended service life of 3,600 flight-hours or 6,600 cycles between overhauls. The H80 will provide the option of a single- or dual-acting governor, allowing customers flexibility in propeller selection.

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