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Working with Czech schools

People shape the future of our industry

We support teaching and training new generations of aviation specialists and technical enthusiasts. This is why we work closely with two Czech schools, which provide programs in aviation mechanics.

Our internships help students prepare for a future career in Engineering. Some interns will join GE as an employee, ready for a new chapter in their personal growth, a new chapter in the digital industrial era.

For years, Czech Republic has been struggling with the lack of technical specialists. At GE Aviation Czech we decided to step in and change the status quo. We are truly pleased to contribute in improving the education of future tech experts, provide practical study materials and hand over valuable experience that exceed school outlines.
- Ing. Zdeněk Soukal, Executive Director, GE Aviation Czech

Secondary School for Aviation and Computing Technology

Since March 6, 2015 we have been supporting young students from the SSACT Odolena Voda school. Students aged 15-19 receive four years of pre-university training in the aviation industry, machinery and computing.

The school shares our vision to bring more people to the aviation industry, so we loaned them a M601 engine for assembly and disassembly trainings. Students are allowed to mount these turboprop engines onto the school's AE 270 airframe. In addition, the school has on loan a unique teaching aid in the form of a moving M601 engine cut with a set of components designed for educational programs.

Czech Technical University

For years we have been working to increase service life of the compressor vane rotary parts in our turboprop engines. With little success, we looked for a new pair of eyes and found it in the Czech Technical University (CTU). This cooperative agreement is through the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic in the EPSILON program. Currently, our engineers along with five CTU students pursue two goals:

  1. Increase the service life of the compressor vane rotary parts from titanium alloys (Ti6Al4V) in the GE H Series engines.
  2. Develop, implement and validate technologies solidification of the surface layer and thus maximize component's life.

We also provide CTU with testing facilities and samples of damaged parts, and students design and test repairing technologies and define the standardized method of blade testing to replace the current experimental method.

Apart from this study, our engineers meet CTU's students at events at selected events to discuss future careers and innovations.